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Traditional village of Takpala, Alor Island

I was so fortunate to have an opportunity to visit Traditional village of Takpala in Alor Island. It’s my forth times to visit this island, but at my previous trips I just explored the beaches. At this trip, one day before I left this island, I took my self to visit this internationally-well-known traditional village.

Conquering The Most Beautiful Mountain: Rinjani

So I made it, climb up to the second highest volcano in Indonesia, 3,726 m to be exact. I conquered Rinjani Mountain in 3 days trekking ascent and descent with my brother. The first two days of the 3 days journey lured me into a false sense of security with its magnificent green gentle slopes that merged gradually into a steeper climb.
So we made the first step of the trekking from Sembalun Village on the eastern part of Rinjani. We stayed in a homestay one night before the trekking. Just right after sun rose on day 1, we started the trekking accompanied by one guide and two rock porters, ‘the superman’ who carried our food, sleeping mats, tents and other supplies in baskets attached to bamboo poles like they were huge dumbbells. They would also cook for us, set up our tents and gave us foot rubs (okay not this one). They amazed me endlessly with their strength, their flair in the camp kitchen, their cheeky sense of humor.